Investment Banking


CLC International Limited (“CLCI”) mainly deals with the Group's investment banking business. As a licensed corporation registered with the Securities & Futures Commission, CLCI has its professional attitude and experience to provide on one-stop service of listing sponsorship, fund raising and comprehensive corporate finance advisory services to companies in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions.


CLCI provides one-stop investment banking services including:


‧ Sponsorship for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

‧ Underwriting and Placing

‧ Financial Advisory Service

‧ Financing and Restructuring Plan

‧ Takeover and Merger & Acquisition

‧ Private Placing

‧ Strategic Investors


CLCI's professionals have vast experience in Hong Kong capital market, with extensive experience, sincere attitude and good analytical skills, We offer a range of comprehensive advisory services to the clients.

With its extensive experience, strong financial background, outstanding management team as well as well-established business partner network, CLCI earned a high reputation in the industry.